“Yes But” Disease

One of the cornerstones of learning to live a lowcarb life that is the best for my body has been letting go of my “Yes But” Disease. Yes But I already know all my food intolerances. Yes But I did give up dairy. Yes But I ate only meat and veggies for two weeks and it didn’t work. Yes But some long-time online lowcarbers told me to just keep it up—if I’m in ketosis it will eventually work. Yes But a little vinegar and a packet or two of Splenda every now and then can’t be making that much of a difference. Yes But the book says I can have fill-in-the-blank as long as I count the carbs. Yes But on paleo as long as I’m off of dairy and grains and coffee and vinegar, I can eat nuts! Yes But there are no carbs in scotch. Yes But I’m going out of town this weekend. I don’t know these people very well and they’ll think I’m crazy if I try to explain why their plans for what we’re eating won’t work for me. Yes But it would be rude to take my own food!

At goal since 1999 now, I still deal with a little Yes But Disease. Yes But now that I am at goal I should be able to eat fruit or at least go off plan now and then. Yes But I’m getting older and older, I’m slowly “losing my looks” anyway. Yes But I have many wonderful friends who are overweight; I adore them the same no matter how much they weigh and they loved me just as much when I was fat. Yes But it’s HOT outside and I don’t want to exercise. Yes But it costs money to keep up my gym membership. Yes But it’s expensive and time consuming to have to drive to four or five different places to buy the pure foods my body does the best with.

Yes but this is ALL, still, so much better. It is worth the fight, it is worth the struggle and the minor inconvenience it sometimes is. And it doesn’t seem like a struggle most of the time anymore, because after fighting the right things, the right way, I was able to surrender.  (See Acceptance vs. Surrender)

Now, 95% of the time, it feels like heaven. I can abide that other 5%.