The Lowcarb Honeymoon

A new forum member wrote:

This entire WOL is the best thing I have EVER done for myself. I’ve managed to lose not only 30 pounds in just over a month, but I’ve lost 12 1/4 inches in the last 2 weeks! Around Christmas I had pretty much given up on ever getting back in shape, but now I KNOW that I will never go back to how I looked and felt then. I know that I have the tendency to post messages like this every few days, but I just can’t hold it in! I apologize if I’m bugging anyone, but it just feels SO DAMN GOOD!

This is just great and you should feel good, of course. I am not bugged, nor am I surprised to see someone in your situation overflowing with joy. Felt it myself, and have seen it literally thousands of times. You are in what most of us old timers refer to as “the honeymoon” period of lowcarb. It is wonderful, almost magical, yes yes yes enjoy it! May your lowcarb life just be one long honeymoon.

Except there’s this thing about life and honeymoons…

I honestly don’t want to throw cold water on your honeymoon, you should be basking in the glow of the discovery of the delightful and positive possibilities this partnership with food could have in store for you. Your prince has come indeed.

I just think you might want to be aware that you are not always gonna be so purely “in love” with this way of eating and that, just like embarking on a whole new life with a partner, some surprising choices and challenges you can’t (and don’t need to) face right now are lurking ahead. Some of those choices will get you to thinking about cheating on this wonderful new partner, you are going to have periods of thinking that the problems you’re facing could be the partner’s fault, or that you don’t need to be faithful to this partner all the time, or that at least you can do some harmless flirting with other partners now and again.

Just tuck this back in a corner of your mind somewhere and try to pull it out when things are not quite as rosy. Although each marriage is a little different, generally the same basic truths that apply to an enduring marriage apply to a partnership with this way of eating.

In the meantime, here’s to your honeymoon. May your new life together be long and happy. May you MELT and prosper!

Probably the most significant note you need to take away from this essay is that this totally typical lowcarber quit after 6 months and returned briefly to the forum 9 months later having regained everything.