The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Lowcarbers

  1. They eat mostly (often exclusively) no-frills lowcarb, not only to get to goal but to stay there! They eat primarily unprocessed meats, eggs and lowcarb vegetables and salads with healthy oils (olive), and water, and little else very often. They eat cream, cheese, nuts, processed meats and foods, grain products (even “lowcarb” ones), shakes, alcohol, diet drinks, lowcarb bars or other lowcarb imitation products and desserts only very occasionally and in very small amounts.
  1. They plan plan plan plan plan. They always know what they’re eating for their next meal, usually for the next day too, and they have it and have it ready to eat or ready to cook. They don’t run out of lowcarb food, they engineer their own success in this way. They find ways to eat simple lowcarb no matter where they are and no matter what else is going on in their lives–they eat this way through family crises, moving, death, job loss, divorce. They eat this way even when they would rather not, when it would be simpler, physically or emotionally, to cheat.
  1. They cook and prepare most of their own food from whole, simple ingredients so they know what’s in it.
  1. They do not rely on hope or luck or that appropriate foods will always be available wherever they go.  They don’t just hope that there are good choices and no temptations at the party–they go to the party and don’t eat what isn’t appropriate.  Eating before social events (I call it “defensive eating”) is a helpful tool.
  1. They don’t try to change the world or another single person to lowcarb. While available to help others who ask, they know that the biggest help we can be to someone is to show them by example.
  1. They make and keep their commitment to clean eating and exercise their #1 daily priority.
  1. They let go of caring what others think of what/how they eat (and often anything else about them). They let go of being indignant and defensive, and instead just concentrate as positively as possible on what they know they must do.
  1. They don’t cheat.
  1. They learn other ways of handling their past hurts and failings, their stress and their fears instead of trying to eat them down.
  1. They surrender. They stop fighting the notion that there is something WRONG with them because they must eat this way, and come to actually embrace it as one of the best things in their lives.