I Get Discouraged Too Fast

Oftentimes people say this really comes down to “do you want to do this—do you want to be a healthier person?”  if the answer is yes, then you just do it.  And I completely agree.

But…I think there’s one more thing about this that trips up a lot of people, which is the unwillingness to accept that they can’t have both.  That they can’t sometimes “pretend” or momentarily set aside the fundamental, bottom-line truth that they have non-negotiable problems with food (including certain lowcarb foods for some of us) that require a kind of abstinence they’re not willing to believe or honor for themselves.

This is a personal truth that is as fundamental to the addicted among us as it is to the person who is allergic to peanuts—the person who eats peanuts and dies.  Except that for us, sadly, the death is a slow-motion one that can take years of cyclical, self-inflicted pain and agony (both physical and emotional) to ourselves and to our loved ones who must care for us as we spiral down into the abyss.