Four P’s of the Journey

If you are an emotionally addicted eater, as you go along leading with the diet, you’re probably going to find the diet leading you to some surprising new feelings and thoughts.  Don’t be afraid of them.  They are legitimate and I think they are forming a new “inside” of you.  It’s okay to explore them.  Exploring them is what you don’t do when you eat or binge instead at the first sign of inner dissonance.  Try taking some little risks and go ahead and just LET your mind spread out a little in the direction you might be unconsciously trying to stop it from going.

Patience is a key, that’s really just another word for abide.

And of course always keep a food plan “underneath” you as you gently experience/face these exciting, sometimes scary, feelings, memories and thoughts.  Because if you were an addicted eater, one of your life-long patterns with uncomfortable feelings or thoughts is to bolt into a pan of brownies or run back to your private cave and brood with a gallon of ice cream and a spoon.

Patience is absolutely a key, so is Perseverance (with the diet!).  And then just lots and lots of plain old boring Practice at feeling feelings without eating them down.

So this really can boil down to four P’s.

Plan, Patience, Perseverance, and Practice.