Deciding To Become a Purist

For a while Purist was the term used on lowcarb forums to differentiate someone who was moving their diet in a “cleaner” direction. For a time I called it Gold Standard lowcarbing, lately the term has moved to paleo. Those who eat Purist, Gold Standard, or paleo are very loosely defined around here as those who concentrate on getting most, if not all of their foods from natural sources, not from processed or convenience foods.  They carefully observe their body’s reactions to things over time and adjust accordingly in the natural food direction.

I would venture to say that those of us who have become purists also had no initial intention of doing so.  The trouble with trying to decide what diet you will follow in advance is that the results of that decision are not completely UP to you, they are up to your body.  Each body is a little like a snowflake, and yes, it can take a lot of time to figure out your own personal snowflake.

And perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the process is that most of us have to acquire this individualized knowledge via lots of little tweaks and changes as we slowly peel off the layers of weight.  In MOST people, the diet that takes off the first layer rarely works for the rest.

It’s a little like saying I have no intention of becoming a diabetic, or an alcoholic.  If your body decides to become a diabetic or an alcoholic, you can choose to address that or not—and ask any medical professional, plenty of people “decide” not to.  In these instances, doing it—or not—is deciding it.

If your body goes only partway on unadjusted lowcarb, as I would say a good number of bodies do, then you get to decide whether to go further with some changes that will bring further weight loss progress, or you will need to learn to be content with the results that do not square with how you had this whole journey planned in your head.

You may have no intention of eating like a purist, and that absolutely may work for your body, that depends on a million variables, variables that might even change over time.  But if you decide this now, you may also be deciding that you are gonna be content to weigh a lot more when you’re “done” (changing) than you expected.