Compliments—Risky Business

I’ve seen a lot of beginning lowcarbers become frustrated with the fact that they’ve lost <fill in the blank number> pounds and still certain important people have not noticed or complimented them.

But have you ever considered that if they didn’t say anything to you about how fat you were, if they didn’t judge you in any way when you were heavy, then perhaps they aren’t going to judge you thinner either?  That this is simply the other side of the coin—that your looks really aren’t terribly important to some people?  Can you think of a compliment higher than that?  (And it’s how you wanted them to feel when you were more overweight, right?)

Remember that making remarks about someone’s appearance is risky business and that a lot of wise people refrain from it for some very good, actually polite, reasons.

I’ve also seen people get angry at how some people tend to make “back-handed” compliments, such as “How much weight have you lost, anyway?”  I struggled a lot with comments like that for a long time at the beginning of this journey.  But I’ve come to see that most people generally mean well, they’re just trying to be light, or clever, or original and sometimes it doesn’t come out as perfect as we think it should.

Even the compliments you do get in the early months and years are going to trickle down and stop eventually, assuming you stay the course and succeed long-term with this.  Living for compliments is also risky business.