What If I Get Bored?

I’ve probably seen thousands of people join lowcarb forums, especially chronic re-starters returning to lowcarb from another failed attempt, announcing PLEASE SEND RECIPES!  Or, the last time I failed because I got bored! I’m not gonna let that happen THIS time!

Heck, I often expressed this same sentiment myself as a reason for failing to be able to stick to an eating plan for life.

But standing on the other side of that problem for a very long time now, I have a different view. I realize now that not being able to handle being bored with food was closer to my real problem. I was looking to food to provide a distraction much like an alcoholic looks to vodka and a shopaholic looks for a new handbag.

I’m one of the worst people to help you with recipes because I believe that getting bored with food is actually a vital part of this process, I think it’s a good thing. It is a place that a lot of us, especially those of us who are both physiologically and psychologically addicted eaters, need to spend a lot of time, in order to begin understanding and slowly shifting our lives to NOT center around food as any kind of mood altering substance.

If you came to my website looking for recipes, I think you’ll be disappointed, heck I HOPE you’ll be disappointed. (It’s good practice with having a negative feeling and not trying to eat it away!)

Some fancy recipes can have a place, especially early in the journey. I understand that the changes must come gradually. And you can find lowcarb recipes all over the internet, but I’d urge you to pay very careful attention to the posted statistics over time of the people who offer them and whether they change over time.

If you read lowcarb message boards and forums carefully, I think you will eventually make the connection that although there are a few exceptions, most of the tiny few people who do get all the way to goal and are able to maintain it for years, find that a shift to simplicity in their eating choices is one of the primary—and surprisingly most helpful—factors of what enables them to stay the course and sustain the lasting success.

All that said, if you want boring recipes that will serve you well for weight loss and lack of cravings, here you go:  Some Simple, No-Dragon-Feed Recipes