Attitude Is NOT Everything

How often have we said, or heard, words to the effect: with your attitude those pounds will be gone forever!  In some ways it certainly seems like a wonderful outlook.  Attitude is important.

But….Attitude is NOT everything, not at all.  What is everything is action.  You can think lowcarb is the greatest thing around, you can think it is the only thing that works well for your body, you can believe with all your heart in lowcarb (attitude) and still not follow it (action).

Following it when (subconsciously) we believe we don’t NEED to anymore, or heck, at least not so stringently, or not ALWAYS, is what so very often opens Pandora’s Box in those who are fortunate and hardworking enough to stay with it long enough to even get to goal in the first place.

So another vitally important key is to keep the actions consistent with what a “good attitude” would be—regardless of my attitude at any given moment, which can at times be as changeable as the weather.  My approach, which has worked very well for a very long time now, is to lead with the diet—lead with the actions.  And let my attitude follow that if it can or wants to.   The fact of the matter is that I can eat clean, no matter what my attitude happens to be.  Besides, my attitude is always better when I’ve eaten well despite having felt like I’d rather not.

After 30 years of ultimately unsuccessful “dieting” (losing my weight twice and keeping it off for more than 2 years the second time, but still eventually regaining it), I believe that my fundamental flaw was trying to think/believe myself into new actions. What worked—and still does—is to act myself into new thinking, by always eating according to plan.