A Slave to the Scale?

Even though I’ve been maintaining my weight at goal or below since 1999, I still weigh myself every day.  Just to keep my face square out of the land of denial and do a simple daily check-in ritual to remind myself that my weight along with my relationship with food and my body are still the biggest personal issues I have been able to ever conquer and change.  Of course the number on the scale changes from day to day, anywhere from 135 to 142, depending upon what I’ve been eating, whether I’ve had several restaurant meals in a row, and it varied a little more back when I was dealing with a monthly hormonal cycle.  I am also the type who could easily gain 10 pounds in a week–I would never want the shock of looking 7 days later and seeing a 10 pound gain!

I know few long-term successes who do not weigh themselves every day.  I would say if you are an emotional eater, or prone to procrastination with better food choices, this daily routine is mandatory to success.  I’ve been able to learn a lot over the years about how my body reacts to certain foods with that little first-thing-in-the-morning check-in.  And that knowledge, turned into action with food decisions, is power.

In my fat years, not getting on the scale each day was my first step into the land of denial.  You know the place…”I didn’t really do that much damage yesterday, I won’t eat anything today then I’ll eat really well the rest of this week and THEN I’ll get on the scale”…and of course what I expected/hoped was that I would then lose even more weight—talk about setting myself up for failure and frustration!  Not that I was ever able to follow through on that “plan” (let’s call that a dream, not a plan, because it is planning on planning.  BIG difference.)

I saved this advice from one of my lowcarb mentors, Patricia, because I thought it was so simple and powerful.  She’s been at goal about a year longer than I have and she also still weighs daily.

I consider the scale a valuable, totally impartial bystander (not a judge), who knows no gender, has no opinion.  It just says, “Here it is, what are *you* going to do with this info?”  I gained a lot of weight over the years by fearing and avoiding it.  Don’t make it your enemy while evading your real ones.