Here are essays and posts that I have written over the many years I have participated in online lowcarb forums and message boards that others have found helpful.  Note that I didn’t begin writing until after I got to my goal weight, which was quite a struggle.  Keeping it all off–within 5 pounds up or down of my goal weight of 140 since October 1999–especially the first 5-6 years, has been an ongoing challenge for me.

If you’d like my personal input on your lowcarb journey, I hope you’ll read some of the essays to get a feel for my outlook.  If it resonates with you and you’re ready for some straightforward individual help in a small, tightly focused forum, I hope you will join me on the Lead With The Diet Message Board, and begin a thread for journaling your own journey.

A Better Approach for Chronically Re-Starting Lowcarbers
A Bad Idea—Combining Lowcarb with Low Fat
A Slave to the Scale?
Abiding Abstinence
Acceptance vs. Surrender
Am I An Emotionally Addicted Eater
Ambivalence After Getting To Goal
Attitude Is Not Everything
Awkward vs. Regret
Believing vs. Doing…and a problem with cross-addiction
Bored! Need Recipes!
Changes In Other People
Compliments–Risky Business
Dang That Dr. Phil
Deciding To Become A Purist
Deprivation, Pain and Agony
Do I Really Have To Give Up Caffeine?
Do You Ever Get Into A Rut With Food?
Four P’s of the Journey
Fruit and the Lowcarb Diet
Getting Lucky on Lowcarb
Going Into the Pain
Growing Up Emotionally
Handling Truly Toxic People
How Do I Get Other People To Understand This?
How Fast Will I Lose?
I Get Discouraged Too Fast
Information You Don’t Need
Inner Hard Drives
Is This Cheating?
Just Stay Busy With Non-Food Activities
Maintenance—Let the Testing Begin
On People Who Comment Constantly On Your Weight
Overstaying Induction and the KIND of Carbs We Eat
Relief Binges and Holidays
Should I Add This Wonder Food?
Some Simple, No-Dragon-Feed Recipes
Telling Other People Off
The 8 Secrets of Lowcarb Success
The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Lowcarbers
The Click and the Plan
The Eve of Going Gold Standard
The Lowcarb Honeymoon
The Methadone Phenomenon
The Obsessiveness Trait With Weight Loss
The Value of Stalling
The Usual Questions From a Beginner
The Veggie Rule
Tough Love For a Lackadaisical Lowcarber
Tricky Social Situations
Tweaking Too Soon
Wanting the Want to Go Away

Weight Loss Layers
Why No Cheerleading on the Message Board?
What Looks Like Strong
Working On Our Issues
Yes But Disease