About Me


My name is Adele.  In 1996, at the age of 46, I decided I was so sick of being fat (and getting fatter) and constantly tired to the bone that I was willing to do whatever it took and stay with whatever that turned out to be in order to, this time, change it for good. I didn’t want to turn 50 being fat.  I re-discovered Atkins lowcarb, the latest “fad” diet to come around again, and I was delighted to find that following it changed the sick and tired part almost instantly. Unfortunately it did little to change the fat part.

I found several internet sites devoted to sharing lowcarb experiences and read them religiously, trying to find out why it did not seem to be working as miraculously for me as it appeared to be working for others. It took almost two years to find my answers, but I did find them and I was ultimately able to build a lowcarb plan that worked almost like a miracle for my body.  I got to my goal weight and size in October 1999.

I also knew–from having lost weight twice before only to regain it and then some–that getting to a healthy weight, despite taking so long this time, was the “easy” part. The bigger challenge was going to be keeping the weight off for good. Thus far I have–17 years and counting.

One of the saddest parts of staying with lowcarb message boards for so long was watching and being thrilled for the posters who did manage to stick with the program and lose a substantial amount of weight return a few months–or even years–later sadly reporting they’d fallen off the wagon and regained. Many did this over and over again.

Over time I also noticed several common patterns.  One is a pattern I was caught in that I now realize prevented me from losing.  Another pattern is that many folks would lose very well at first on Atkins, but eventually their losses would slow and often stop–they’d hit a wall–long reaching a healthy weight.  I now believe I started my lowcarb journey at this “wall”.  And I learned what I and most people have to do in order to break through it.

About a year ago I dropped the website I had up that included my essays and a link to the message board because I was busy getting ready to retire and training my replacement, and because it seemed interest in the message board had slowed to a crawl.  I wanted to make some changes to the site and didn’t have time or the skills to do so.  But my last few years at work I had to maintain a website built on WordPress so I thought I might be able to build one myself using that platform.  Now that I’m retired, I’ve decided to give it one more try to see if there is renewed interest.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to connect with me or get my input on your own lowcarb weight loss or maintenance journey, I hope you’ll join me on the message board.