For many years, long before the days of Facebook and social media, I participated on several terrific lowcarb message boards.  Those were the places I got the help to adjust my lowcarb approach to work for my weight-loss resistant body (and psyche!)  Those sites, unfortunately, are long gone.

If you’d like personal help with your own longer-term struggle from an experienced, long-term successful lowcarber in a message board forum where the focus is strictly on you and your individual journey, free from chatter and cheerleading that, in my opinion, can distract from success, I’ll offer tips I think might help you.

Over my years of learning and sharing with others on the same path, I ended up writing what amounted to the same posts over and over again in an attempt to help other struggling lowcarbers, one at a time.  In 2005, after I reached and had maintained my goal weight for 5 years, I felt I had learned a lot about myself and what it finally took to achieve permanent weight loss.  I saved many of the posts I had written over those years and turned them into Essays that have since helped a few other struggling lowcarbers who are ready to take their journey in a serious (and more successful) direction.  The essence of the secret of my own success was–and still is–to Lead With The Diet.  How you can do that is explained in the Essays, and illustrated in my individual conversations with participants on the message board on the site.

If you are convinced that lowcarb is good for your body, but you are still struggling to find–and follow–the diet that will work best for your body, perhaps some of my essays or participation on the message board will help you.

I hope so!


2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Adele,
    I’m thrilled to see your essays back online!
    I’ve learned so much from you over the years and I don’t think I’d have ever gotten to goal without your shared knowledge.

  2. Thanks so much, Christina. This path is lonely sometimes. I still like “company” I guess.

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